Sponges & Muffins

Proper storage of sponge & muffins: In airtight container. If there is cream,  it must be refrigerated. If there is no cream, it must be stored at room temperature.

Shelf life of sponge & muffins: 4-5 days without cream. The cream can last for 3 days.

Freezing of sponge & muffins : The cake can be frozen for up to 3 months with cream(depending on the type of cream). After thawing the shelf life is 2 days (I wouldn’t risk it longer than that).

Thawing of sponge & muffins: Take the cake out 3-4 hours before serving. If it’s thawing too quickly, place the cake in the fridge. If it’s a regular sponge (not a layer cake), the thaw time shorter. Small muffins defrost in 1 hour. Large muffins defrost in 1,5 hour.

How can you tell whether sponge & muffins are good or bad?:
Mold, bad taste, strange texture, discolored cream or dry edges. If you doubt, leave it out.

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